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I created this community to help support women who are taking depo provera. There is not one place created where women can go that is already established so here it is. I started taking depo provera 4 years ago. This would not have been my drug of choice but because of a heart condition I am only allowed to take progesterone products and there are not many out there. I have something called uterine fibroids which is really uncomfortable and I needed something to deal with it.

I took it for about four years. FDA warning is two years but I wasn't told that either. I went from 117 to 130 and I could not lose the weight. In March of 2013 I took my last shot. I was to go back in June but I did not.
It was thereafter I began noticing side effectsof quitting. I lost my appetite and didn't really want to eat. Red meat was a turn off. I had to look at a clock to tell me when to eat. Needless to say I wasn't snacking all day long and the weight fell off. In about 4 months I was all way down to 118.

Everyone kept telling me what are you complaining for? I wish I had that problem. This can't be healthy. I started looking into the possibility of a lawsuit because this condition WAS NOT GOING AWAY. I'm still looking.

anyway, if you have a story to tell please feel free to share it here. My goal is to have this drug off the market.


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